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“I Got A Course You Can Plot!”

[BUY THE SHIRT HERE] Wil and I have been toying with doing a Sparks McGee shirt design for a while now. If you are uninitiated with Acting Ensign McGee, then read Wil’s blog post here and check out Sparks’s Awesome … Continue reading

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Sparks McGee

“Number One, where the devil is Sparks Mcgee?” This shirt is specially designed by Wil Wheaton and Joel Watson using space age materials that can withstand the extreme g-force of an interstellar Trans-Am and the extreme attitude of a bad … Continue reading

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Rory Hears A Who And Hatches The Cube

“I meant what I said and I said what I meant. A Centurion’s faithful one hundred percent.”  Based on this comic, which was based on this sketch.  DTG Printed about 12″ wide on Men’s Fruit of the Loom 3930 in Pacific … Continue reading

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Rival Smugglers

Clearly these two are the scruffiest of Gorram Nerfherders in the ‘verse. Still, something tells me if they put down the blasters, and shared a pint of Mudder’s Milk (or even blue milk, for that matter) they’d be fast friends. … Continue reading

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