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  • Porta John Smithsharksplode-t-shirt-porta-john-smith-thumb

    Based on this HijiNKS ENSUE comic. DTG Printed about 12″ wide on Men’s Fruit of the Loom 3930 in Pacific Blue and Charcoal Grey and Ladies Next Level Apparel 3900 shirts in Turquoise and Heavy Metal Grey. NOTE: Ladies shirts run about a size or … Continue reading

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  • Sparks McGeesharksplode-t-shirt-sparks-mcgee-THUMB

    “Number One, where the devil is Sparks Mcgee?” This shirt is specially designed by Wil Wheaton and Joel Watson using space age materials that can withstand the extreme g-force of an interstellar Trans-Am and the extreme attitude of a bad … Continue reading

    Order Sparks McGee T-Shirt Color: Charcoal/Heavy Metal @ $19.95
  • Keep Calm And Don’t Be A Dicksharksplode-t-shirt-keep-calm-and-dont-be-a-dick-thumb

    Based mostly on a thing Wil says all the time which is a pretty good rule to live by when trying to be a human being on this planet who interacts with other human beings on this planet. Originally appearing … Continue reading

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  • Rory Hears A Who And Hatches The Cubesharksplode-t-shirt-rory-hears-a-who-thumb

    “I meant what I said and I said what I meant. A Centurion’s faithful one hundred percent.”  Based on this comic, which was based on this sketch.  DTG Printed about 12″ wide on Men’s Fruit of the Loom 3930 in Pacific … Continue reading

    Order Rory Hears A Who T-Shirt Color: Pacific/Turquoise @ $19.95
  • Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimeysharksplode-t-shirt-wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey-thumb

    We’ve got TARDIS signnnnnnn!  Based on this comic. DTG Printed about 11″ wide (bottom row of seats is about 12″ wide) on Men’s Fruit of the Loom 3930 in Royal and Ladies Next Level Apparel 3900 in Royal. NOTE: Ladies shirts run about a size or … Continue reading

    Order Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey T-Shirt Color: Royal Blue @ $19.95
  • Rival Smugglerssharksplode-t-shirt-rival-smugglers-thumb

    Clearly these two are the scruffiest of Gorram Nerfherders in the ‘verse. Still, something tells me if they put down the blasters, and shared a pint of Mudder’s Milk (or even blue milk, for that matter) they’d be fast friends. … Continue reading

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  • Might Clubsharksplode-t-shirt-might-club-thumb

    I understand. In death… an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D has a name. HIS name is Phillip Coulson. Based on this comic. DTG Printed about 12″ wide on Men’s Fruit of the Loom 3930 in Black and Ladies Next Level Apparel 3900 in Black. NOTE: … Continue reading

    Order Might Club T-Shirt Color: Black @ $19.95
  • Where’s Carl?!Where's Carl T-Shirt - The Walking Dead, Calvin And Hobbes Mashup T-Shirt

    Where’s Carl? NOT where you told him to be, that’s for damn sure. That kid is exactly where he is NOT supposed to be, doing exactly what he is NOT supposed to be doing with EXACTLY who you told him … Continue reading

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  • PentapplegramApple Pentagram T-shirt Funny Apple iPhone iPad Mac Parody shirt

    Whether you think this is pro-Apple or anti-Apple, you’re probably right. It either symbolizes those dangerous, fanatical whack jobs that militantly support a particular brand of technology and revere its fallen leader to the point of deification OR… the meetings … Continue reading

    Order Pentapplegram T-Shirt Color: Black @ $19.95
  • I’m The Exact Right Amount Of Sexy For My Shirtsharksplode-t-shirt-im-the-exact-right-amount-of-sexy-thumb

    Boasting is for braggarts and bragging is for boastoids. Neither are attractive. Let the world know that you are super comfortable with exactly how you and your shirt relate to each other. You’ve made good choices in life with regards to shirts … Continue reading

    Order I'm The Exact Right Amount Of Sexy T-Shirt Color: Black @ $19.95
  • Three Wheaton Moonsharksplode-t-shirt-three-wheaton-moon-thumb

    Behold! A once dead meme reborn! And underneath the eerie green glow of its 20-sided moon we shall all be transformed! We will shed our clothing in the wood and be reborn as WEREWHEATONS! It feels strange, but also good. … Continue reading

    Order Three Wheaton Moon T-Shirt Color: Black @ $19.95
  • Fighting Time Lordssharksplode-t-shirt-fighting-time-lords-thumb

    The University of Gallifrey: “Wiblus Wablum Tempis Wempis” This shirt was idea’d by Wil Wheaton and draw’d by Joel Watson. It is both timey-wimey and spacey-wacey. Here’s a comic inspired by this shirt! THIS SHIRT HAS MOVED!  It is now … Continue reading

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  • Wesley’s Big AdventureWesley's Big Adventure T-Shirt, Wil Wheaton T-Shirt, Star Trek Parody shirts, Pee Wee Herman, bow tie, geek shirts, nerdy shirts, sci-fi

    There’s no basement on The Enterprise. There aren’t any bathrooms either. This shirt was inspired by this comic which was inspired by a tweet from Wil Wheaton and subsequently draw’d by Joel Watson. DTG Printed about 8″ wide on Men’s Fruit of … Continue reading

    Order Wesley's Big Adventure T-Shirt Color: Charcoal @ $19.95
  • Newt 2012sharksplode-t-shirt-newt-2012-thumb

    Anyone that can survive alone for months in ventilation shafts is a hero as far as I’m concerned, and fit to lead our country. As for running mates, I would suggest she stay away from Ripley. You don’t want a VP who’s … Continue reading

    Order Newt 2012 T-Shirt Color: Navy @ $19.95
  • Wizard Pride Shirtsharksplode-t-shirt-wizard-pride-thumb

    We’re here! We’re Wizards! Get used to it! Show your pride with this magnificent and magical shirt. This shirt will have special meaning to any boys, girls, griffins or elves that have recently come out to their muggle parents. Based … Continue reading

    Order Wizard Pride T-Shirt Color: Royal Blue @ $19.95
  • Faneurysm WarningWarning: Excessive Geeking May Cause Faneurysm T-Shirt

    DTG Printed about 10.5″ wide on Men’s Fruit of the Loom 3930 in Black and Ladies Next Level Apparel 3900 in Black. NOTE: Ladies shirts run about a size or two small. Learn more about DTG printing HERE. QUESTIONS? Please feel free to … Continue reading

    Order Faneurysm Warning T-Shirt Color: Black @ $19.95
  • Riker? I Hardly Know Her!sharksplode-t-shirt-riker-i-hardly-know-her-thumb

    “Ladies of Risa, here me! I have had a laser vasectomy and I am ready to beam down to your most sensual coordinates!” Based on this comic. DTG Printed about 8.5″ wide on Men’s Fruit of the Loom 3930 in Cardinal … Continue reading

    Order Riker? I Hardly Know Her! T-Shirt Color: Men's Cardinal / Ladies Red @ $19.95
  • The Holodeck Is For Pornsharksplode-t-shirt-the-holodeck-is-for-porn-thumb

    In the 21st century we all know the Internet is for porn. Well, porn and Craigslist… but Craigslist is essentially for porn too, so it all works out. Technology may advance in the 24th century, but we will still be … Continue reading

    Order The Holodeck Is For Porn T-Shirt Color: Black @ $19.95
  • Laura Roslin For Presidentsharksplode-t-shirt-laura-roslin-for-president-thumb

    Don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for Baltar. It’s time to do our Colonial duty and re-elect President Roslin. Wait, what? She’s dead? SPOILERS! Can we still vote for her anyway? No? I guess make Romo Lampkin president. He was a … Continue reading

    Order Laura Roslin For President T-Shirt Color: Navy @ $19.95
  • The Eh TeamThe Eh Team T-Shirt - Funny Canada Shirt, Canadian A-Team Shirt, Geeky Tee Shirt, Nerd Shirts, 1980's TV Parody Shirt

    “In 1972 a crack hockey team was sent to the penalty box for high-sticking and decapitating a team mate with their skates. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security moose cave to the Quebec underground. Today, still wanted by … Continue reading

    Order The Eh Team T-Shirt Color: Black @ $19.95
  • My Heart Is A Hate-Filled Pineapplesharksplode-t-shirt-my-heart-is-a-hate-filled-pineapple-thumb

    Based on THIS comic, and THIS book. DTG Printed about 12″ wide on Men’s Fruit of the Loom 3930 in Black and Ladies Next Level Apparel 3900 in Black. NOTE: Ladies shirts run about a size or two small. Learn more about DTG printing HERE. … Continue reading

    Order My Heart Is A Hate-filled Pineapple T-Shirt Color: Black @ $19.95
  • The CodeWil Wheaton QR Code T-Shirt, The Code, @wilw, WilW, WWDN, Scannable Wil Wheaton Shirt

    This shirt was made by Wil Wheaton and Joel Watson. That’s really all I can tell you without spoiling the surprise. Perhaps you should decode the rest for yourself. Here’s a comic that goes into the details of The Code’s origins. DTG … Continue reading

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