Sharksplode is here!

As I write this I have been working for about 15 hours straight trying to get this site up and running. As of right now it’s still in its infancy, so please forgive anything that is ugly or broken. The layout, the styling, everything is FAR from done, but at least now it seems to be functional and I feel confident leaving it alone for a few hours while I get some sleep.

So what’s Sharksplode for? You may know that I make an online comic called HijiNKS ENSUE, and you may also know that I sell t-shirts based on some of the comics I have made. What you may not know is that I have roughtly 10 new t-shirt ideas a week, and most of them never see the light of day. The process of designing, ordering, shipping, warehousing and interneting a new shirt can take weeks if not months. It’s just the nature of dealing with 3 or 4 different entities and producing a LOT of a product that may or may not ever sell. That last part is the real killer. The risk. It’s hard to take a risk on a silly idea for a shirt if maybe only 8 people are going to get the joke and buy the shirt.

I realized what I needed was a way to produce a lot of shirt ideas quickly, in small amounts and with little to no risk. I’ve spent the last few months developing the method by which I hope to accomplish this and I think its going to… sort of work.¬†Whenever I have a T-shirt idea that might not appeal to 1000 people and thus not warrant an entire print run, I will put them on Sharksplode. I will use this site as a sort of T-shirt proving ground. If a design takes off I might move it over to my regular store, or start taking it to conventions. The end result is you get more options and more opportunities to wear something that will make normals stare at you like… like you’re wearing a shirt they don’t understand. I have been working with a printer for the last few years that I trust and they will be printing the shirts and fulfilling the orders. I am extremely excited for this new aspect of The Experiment and I hope you will help me make it a success.



oh…. uh… go buy a shirt… please.

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13 Responses to Sharksplode is here!

  1. Trevor "Tree-Vor" says:

    Awesome sauce! I look forward to seeing where this eventually goes.

    P.S. I just order a couple shirts

  2. Metrissimo says:

    This is a great idea. I hope it will work for you. I’m very excited about the upcoming t-shirt ideas. Good luck an btw. you’ve done this site quite well so far. Best greetings from Germany.

    P.S.: I like the logo. Quite original and unique.

  3. Maggie says:

    Here’s to continued creative success in your new venture. :) Ordering….right……

  4. Captain Monkeypants says:

    Nice, I’m gonna have to come back next payday.

  5. James says:

    Shweeeeettttt! I need to upgrade my wardrobe. I’m really starting to wear out the ‘Team Edward’ shirt. I’ve worn it so much, Almos now looks like Lorn Greene!

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  7. the captain says:

    Missing the link on the “Riker? I hardly know her!” shirt. Which comic is that from? Love these t-shirts!

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  9. Dan says:

    Being a person of exceptionally large size (all possible axes), I don’t usually buy T-shirts. I do, however, enjoy posters. Just a thought.

  10. Jeff S. says:

    Love this idea! Would love it more if you sold the bigger sizes. Please? I really need the extra length that 4X or even a 5X provides.


    • Sharksplode says:

      It actually has very little to do with what sizes I want to offer and more to do with what is available. Usually 4X and 5X only come in the most basic colors, like black and navy.

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